1. horribly offended that he has not been invited to this party


  2. i am sorry this is how i roll


  3. doodlin a bunch of Prof Sexy Leopard today tryin to get my draw back


  4. apparently i can only do boring pictures of pokemon right now so im just going to keep on doing boring pictures of pokemon until i am capable of drawing other things again


  5. i still function


  6. you know how i said i was going to draw every TFP character as a homestuck troll

    i lied, i just meant starscream, over and over and over again

    please go away, leave me to my shame


  7. bune prince & fairy mousemother for cindeerella


  8. sorry. sorry. sorry


  9. increasingly ugly CH karkat faces


  10. necey asked: I just want to say that your dragon drawings are absolutely amazing, even the really scribbly ones. They all have such personality in their designs and each one is unique, it's truly a pleasure seeing them all. I adore your art style and how lose it is, while still conveying such a great amount of personality and style. I look forward to seeing new dragons and whatever else you choose to draw :D

    thank you!!! this is the 100th post on this blog thank you so much for looking at and enjoying my rubbish doodles!