1. some truly self indulgent bullshit going on on plurk today

    "sabre toothed tigers arent dinosaurs" neither are pterodactyls but if its good enough for power rangers its good enough for me


  2. yesterday i freaked out a bit bc i tried to draw some people and found i was struggling to draw faces so i am drawing people faces today . ..  


  3. im alive


  4. some of aforementioned reminder 2 myself that i can still draw birds, 

    kind of


  5. i put some extraneous dragon parts on my fursona because „ dragons are gay, and im gay


  6. yip yip yip yip


  7. mismagireve said: Hello friend do you mind if I draw you a Soundwave troll at some point maybe with Rumble and Frenzy grubs.

    Oh man that sounds delightful 8) 


  8. almaska said: I simply fell in love with your magical dinosaur girls. Will there ever be a villain/villains to challenge the dino-girls? If yes, what type of creature would it be?

    oh man, good question! Probably also dinosaurs, since I think they just live in a world where everyone is a dinosaur … or perhaps some sort of evil spirits trying to destroy the world with meteorites :O 


  9. auspicious beginnings (ty @thislousytshirt hahaha)


  10. magical dinosaur girls